New Arrivals

Vive la Difference passionately creates accessories with a contemporary taste, always keeping in mind the needs of customers who want a product with a high aesthetic and practical value, and which possesses the quality guaranteed by an entirely Italian supply chain. Playing with fashion is a way to enhance the facets of femininity. From time to time, a woman brings out one side of her personality, changing her style and embracing the latest trends. Once the clothing is defined, accessories (and in particular the bag) are what completes and enhances the feminine appearance. And precisely the handcrafted leather bags by Vive La Difference, with their shapes, colors and textures, are able to give a fresh and new look even to already established styles. Their particular structure, shapes and distinctive handles make it an iconic model, which resists the rapid succession of fashions. A true classic that Vive la Difference has interpreted under the banner of its distinctive, decisive, feminine and always unique aesthetic. But Vive la Difference handcrafted bags are not only meant to be admired, they are also extremely functional accessories. Each model has useful internal pockets and can be accompanied by a comfortable shoulder strap that makes the bag even more versatile and practical. The fantasy of colors, sizes and styles is deliberately wide to allow every woman to find the model that best suits her tastes and needs.