Naturally Different

She's the bag



Retrace the traditions of handmade in Italy with a contemporary step looking at the classicism of iconic accessories with a new energy. Bags and accessories that tell us that imperfection is more fascinating than regularity. The “Difference” is a game of balance between style and experimentation that finds its place in all the collections of the brand.

About Us

Giulia Petrò, stylist and founder of the brand, inherits her experience as a textile designer in the creation of garment dyes on leather bags and accessories. Her passion for dyeing has become the hallmark of the brand.

The search for the handmade made her meet dynamic and ever-evolving artisan realities, building a community of collaborators who, like her, are passionate about the concept of “Difference”.

“It is a challenge that we face together every season, seeking finishes and treatments that are always faithful to the concept of difference / imperfection. We have learned to recognize the high quality of the materials to be used and the techniques and tricks of the trade from expert dyers, but the real inspiration comes precisely from the unexpected effect of an unwanted effect, from the uncalculated error that becomes preciousness.

So each bag is the result of a story with different departures and arrivals that we like so much, precisely Vive la Difference! “